Last day of summer...

>> Thursday, September 22, 2005

How sad! Last official day of summer. This SUCKS!

Today actually is turning out to be rather wacky. This morning the ferry was definitively heading straight to New Jersey, I think the captain got distracted or something...

Unfortunately at the last moment it made a 90 degree turn and reversed back towards Manhattan- Booooo!
(The coffee however was very good-another anomaly.)

Fall... hmmm... To confess something dark and dirty, the loyal Primavera lover that I am, I do like Fall. I will go further in adulterating the wonderful Spring to say that Spring and Fall have much in common actually!

Sure Spring is warm, but what is it REALLY that's so powerful and magnetic about it? Is it simply the warm weather? Well, why not be in love with the Summer then? Why Sempre Primavera and not Sempre el Verano? Really what Spring represents is change. Its this exciting stage of anticipation of the up coming summer; beach going, and skimpy clothes wearing!

What is Fall? Doesn't it also represent change? Yes! Same anticipation of new things to appear... (in your closet!) Like the kick ass boots I got the other day. Guys are probably rolling their eyes saying, how little it takes to make a woman happy. Not really... (I'll have a picture of the boots up soon.)

I wonder how the seasonal changes are felt in climates where its always warm?? (We must consult with our very own Guyana Gyal...)

Lesson kids: drinking and driving the ferry DON'T mix!
Homework: none for today, go play in the sun-

Almost forgot!!!
So OH MY GOODNESS, I got an email from someone that wants to do a radio interview with me!!!!! Will not say who, what or why, all I will say is that I'm going to make a COMPLETE fool of myself!!! haha- but who cares right? I am after all trying to project a very blonde Ale. (I will link the interview file here so you can all listen and laugh at me.) In fact, I'm already laughing... wait, no, crying actually.


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