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>> Saturday, September 10, 2005

We did it! We woke up super early and headed to the mysterious Isla del Fuego!!! Its not really mysterious, its just that while the Hamptons are know all over the world (Sex in the City watching world), Fire Island had managed to remain incognito, and very relaxed. People come there to really be with the ocean without caring what brand is their hand bag. Now some of my friends are saying: "Dude, you are the BRAND POLICE!" yes, maybe, but not when it comes to the OCEAN. This relationship must be PURE, unadulterated with no barriers. You must strip yourself (literally) and enjoy! So that's what people do on Fire Island. They go to the beach and than pull their hair back and go eat some seafood in the evening all the while licking their salty lips.

We beat all the traffic which was pretty amazing and we attributed it to the all powerful Cadiz who has been bringing us good luck all weekend! Example: the day before our umbrella rental at the beach was FREE and from a girl too! Nice one Cadiz! So upon arriving to Bayshore which is a pretty sleepy town I immediately looked to Cadiz for guidance on procuring us a kick ass breakfast. "What do we do Cadiz!?" Well first of all we parked. And to any New Yorker successful parking in itself is an accomplishment that warrants a prize and a visit to a Spa. (PLUS, Cadiz fights the parking gods everyday so she was excited about the easy parking spot that was just prostituting itself for free on the street corner.) Not even a meter!!! Yes!

Ok, after a congratulatory party we walked over to a place that looked like breakfast possibility... nope was closed! Boooo!!!! My necessity for caffeine was beginning to exhibit itself rather aggressively. I was beginning to have hot flashes and thoughts of impending dume... Cadiz was just hungry. despite of a cute Main street, the coffee shops were lacking! For a second there we both thought we might die from hunger and thirst! (But right after I would right to city council and give them a piece of my mind!)

We cautiously got back into the car. (After all it was rather scary leaving the parking spot, since it is logged in our brain that we may NEVER find parking again... even though we are fully aware that we are in a sleepy town in the middle of long island... see the crippling effect city life has on your brain! And I don't mean the run on sentence.)

Anyway. We zoomed by the court house, a bank and a bunch of other irrelevant stuff... and than there we saw it! Winnies. It didn't look opened but we owed it to posterity to try to go in and eat! It was opened! THANK goodness! It was a tiny, and immaculate little place. A long counter table on one side with vintage spin stools and a few little tables right opposite of it. AAAAAaaa, and there is COFFEE!!! Sarcastic locals were eating breakfast while making comments (hopefully not about us).

We had Eggs, home fries, toast (prettily arranged on our mismatched plates) and of course coffee. It was all for $3.50!!! That's just craziness!!! My coffee mug was advertising a local car shop and Cadiz's cup was executive marble blue. I guess that's how the owner is able to keep the prices low. :) Everything was delicious!!! We practically licked our plates clean, which I think made the initially grumpy owner warm up to us. He must have taken us for prissy city girls with sunglasses on the head and wondering eyes for Starbucks shops. No not our eyes! They wonder, just not in search of Starbucks.


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