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>> Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today, SP daubs as an interviewer!

We've seen my investigative reporting skills with exposing Cadiz's hair to the world, now we're going to get down and personal with some fellow bloggers!

Yeah, check it out, I even have a tag line: 'SP brings you the real people behind the blogs!' aaaahahahaha, I'm really too much sometimes... even for myself!!!

And today we have the famous Piu Piu the filmmaker together with her sexy boyfriend P and their two children... well... Felix the cat and Froggy.

Piu Piu is not only a filmmaker, she is also a writer, and a capoeira chick!!! Unbelievable.

Of course the interview will be "immature" just like all the things we do here at SP, but at the same time while the questions I ask are pretty simple... they really give lots of insight into the person's psyche... which will will analyze thoroughly...

SP: Favorite color?
Piu Piu: for me red!

hmmm... lets ANALYZE that with special help from GaGirl (

You have incredible will-power and you are capable of overcoming obstacles that would stop others.
You enjoy a pleasant and colorful environment.
You are capable of bursts of high energy spontaneity, though generally more "laid back".
You are energetic and interested in many areas of life.
You are capable of accomplishment when consciously focused and persistent.

What do you think guys? Sounds like our Piu?? I think so...

And GaGirl has some advice for P as well, who likes Black:

You demand a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement.
You prefer natural to artificial.
You are capable of being comfortable in conditions that would bother others.
You are not easily disconcerted.
You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you'd like to be treated. It works!

SP: Favorite drink?
Piu Piu: for me- tea (I am British) or champagne (how can it not be!) for P its hot chocolate or whiterussian.

SP: Very interesting... how very refined and elegant of Piu... how very British indeed... and P seems to like contrast, dark hot chocolate and cool white russian... but wait... what do the two drinks have in common?? They're both super sweet! Our conclusion, PiuPiu and P make a saaawweet couple-- aaaawww!

SP: Favorite trip?
Piu Piu: I dunno! Maybe St Petersburg or Iceland.

For P: New York the summer of 2001
SP: Yey! glad someone is having fun in this crazy city!

SP: Who is your blog "mentor"?

Piu Piu: Guyana Gyal of course!! The queen of online words!
SP: Heck yeah! Don't know too many people who would disagree with that!

SP: Tell us one deep dark secret.....

Piu Piu: (whispering) I flirted via IMS with a fellow blogger (not tellin who!)
SP: uuuuuhhhh!!!

SP: What's 'piu piu'? And how you did you get this name?

PiuPiu: It means 'tweet' in Portuguese. My capoeira friends nicknamed me it. They thought I looked like tweety pie cos I had fluffy short hair and big eyes when they first met me.
SP: Right, was that before or after you "capoeira" kicked the living daylights out of them??

SP:Can you briefly introduce your umm... children?
PiuPiu: that's Froggy and Felix the cat. Felix was a little thing we found on a holiday in Mauritius at Xmas.

Well thank you Piu Piu for visiting with us here!! We now know more about our Piu and the man in her life P ... and of course Felix and Froggy! ;)

It has been great fun! (clinking of champaign glasses)

*Credits: This super wonderful interview has been brought to you by the Sempre Primavera immature productions company, in collaboration with for color analysis. The PiuPiu and P dolls have be realized by the Piu Piu and P themselves... and have great resemblance. If you browse around some archives at Tenminutes older you will find actual pictures and you'll see for yourselves.

Thank you and tune in next week for an exclusive interview with our next guest; THE Viking from Base 13! (Shall I stop saying "THE" Vinking?)


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