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>> Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've been super busy vagabunding around! haven't been home in a few days (before 3 am). And I've got lots of dishing to do! Was at the opening of the US Open on Monday!! And yes I took pictures of the sexy Maria Sharapova of course. I'm also preparing the city for Cadiz!!! Who is comming to visit this weekend!!!!!!!!! We'll have plenty of gossip after the holiday weekend! (And if she doesn't tell, I WILL!!!!)

But untill then, I want you all to learn something! (about ME) heehehe.

GG wanted to peek inside my brain... :) And unfortunately that involved me having to go there too!!

Seven Things I…

Plan to Do Before I Die:
1. Set up an orphanage for street kids in Brazil
That's the one I really care about, all others seem trivial when compared, but here we go...
2. Learn to sail
3. Learn German
4. Plant a palm tree
5. Live in another country for a year
6. Harvest strawberries for a day (for a DAY)
7. Discover a continent (hey, its my list, I'll put whatever I want!)

Things I Can Do:
In accordance with the "SemprePrimavera" philosophy, I can do ANYTHING. But for this exercise's purposes I'll highlight the ones that are perhapss "important"
1. Seriously kick someone's butt
2. Speak four languages
3. Make people so angry that tears spray out of their eyes at 90 degree angles
4. Pick up and go at moment's notice
5. Be deliriously happy ALL THE TIME
6. Lie really well (see #5)
7. Find common ground with anyone
8. Find something beautiful in everyone (opps... 8 already... I can go on..hehe)

Things I Can’t Do:
Again, in accordance with the "SP" teachings, there is nothing that I (we) can not do... but here is a list of things that I never want to have to need to do... (you got all that?)
1. Be sweet
2. Work hard
3. Hate (unless it is NYC and anything related to it)
4. Hide my intelligence (AAAHHAAHA, just kidding, I can do that quiet well, its just you guys are so smart you see right through my cover!!! eehehehe)
5. Pass up an opportunity to give myself spontaneous compliments (see #4 for an illustration)
6. Jump out of a plane- even with a parachute
7. Be serious for 7 consecutive seconds (I stop at 5)

Things I say most: (At this time... I change my favorite words seasonally)
1. Delirious
2. Heinous
3. Ufff...!
4. Ciao
5. ...and why?
6. I don't think its possible (mostly at work)
7. Must

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. eyes (no particular colopreferreded, just what I see inside)
2. deep voice
3. quiet and serious
4. decisive
5Respectfulll of everyone around
6. happy
7. hard working (because I'm not)

Celebrity crushes:
1. Enrique Iglesias (so cute! still mad at Anna for snatching him up)
2. Marat Safin - tennis player
3. Sergey Brin - a good jewish boy- Google founder, only 31, one of the 400 richest people in the world.
AND a hottie!!! (Here he is on the left.)
4. Still Sergey...
5. Sergey....
Ok, lets move on--
6. Elijah woods
7. Ben Feldman (my newest crush) - another good jewish boy to take home to parents

But really, I'm not too much into actors. I am much more into wildly sucessful entrepreneurs or athletes, their work ethic and discipline really intrigue me.

Ciao belli


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