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>> Saturday, August 20, 2005

What a lazy Saturday morning! It's 11 and I'm still hanging around the house. I should be having a second swim at the beach already.

I've been pretty lazy last few weeks. Honestly, I think I kicked my own butt with the last post. Made me think for a second... I mean, I HAVEN'T done anything fabulous in quite a while!!! My last serious vacation was two years ago... or was it three?? But not only that, I don't even have anything special planned for anytime soon. Maybe part of the problem is that most of my trips in the past were just so unbelievably awesome, that now, I feel like there is no way to top them.

Also, my trips have all been longer than the standard two weeks. All through college I was going on my crazy expeditions and even when I started "real" work life, I was job hopping so much that there was plenty of time for travel in between. At my last long term job, where I stayed for 2 years, my friends and I were able to organize a great two week vacation. (To Sardegna! With a villa, and a jaguar and lots of MOON viewings on the beach...). Yes, I'm jealous even remembering it. I definitely think my lack of travel now, can be attributed to the fact that I haven't figured out yet how to top my previous trips. But agreed- sitting around yawning is NOT the Primavera way. Thus, I MUST THINK OF SOMETHING!

Funny enough, one of my headhunters sent me an e-mail the other day... Even funnier, I still have her on my phone's seed dial!! Haaahaha, those were the days. Change is exciting. There is always that hope for something bigger and better. New city, new life, new wardrobe! New, crisp BUSINESS CARDS with new LONGER titles!!! I mean I started salivating just from seeing her email in my inbox... tell me its not an ADDICTION!

BUT. I'm a rehabilitated job hopper. I've really gone away from my old ways. I've been "clean" for almost 6 months! And you know the first 6 months are always the toughest when trying to battle an addiction that has a deep hold over your life. Hehee, how dramatic am I!?

Still. Having a job that I'm planning to keep for a good while, is NO excuse to just not do anything on the side. What was so great about job hopping, the thrill and excitement of new things! Which if you think about it, is what travel does. Also getting involved with some new projects gives you this same kind of a "trip". I must think of something...

Plus, I've noticed that I haven't EVEN been able to bring any good gossip to the table, especially after the dissolution of my Older Man stunt.

OK, I'm going to THINK of something! I need to find adventures!

And with these happy thoughts I'll leave you with a little story with a moral...

Once upon a time there lived a prince in his beautiful castle. He was young and curious. One day after getting a bath, he put on his royal robe and called in his wisest and oldest advisor:

"Tell me my wisest and oldest advisor... why is it that I have this metal underwear that I am never allowed to take off???" - asked the prince. For he if fact wore these metal briefs that have never been removed.

"Well, it is so for your own good and protection." - said the advisor.

"But I want to know why I have them on!!" - Prince was getting super pissy!

"Well, you need a KEY to unlock them... and... amm... we don't have it..."

"Oh, you're such a liar, but FINE, I'll go FIND the key on my OWN!!!" - and with these words, the prince packed his royal, green duffel bag and set off to visit the four corners of the world in search of the KEY that will unlock the great mystery that was behind his metal briefs...

Seven years later, after he has seen the dessert's sands, the arctic's ice.. and the inside of every goldsmith's shop in the world... he finally came upon this little house in the forest.

He went in... no one was home. The prince looked around and saw a key on the wooden table. "Ahhh, what the heck..." Prince thought, and with a familiar movement (as he has done it soooo many times) he picked up the key and inserted it in the keyhole in his metal briefs.
"WOW it fits!!!!" Prince could not believe the coincident! "Could my travels be over!?? Have I finally found what I've been looking for????!!" He slowly turned the key, it was sticking a bit, but he applied more pressure... and...


....right after the click of the key, there was another crashing noise... The metal briefs split in two, and The Prince's ass fell to the floor in millions of small pieces!!!

Moral of the story? - in looking for adventures, you will surely find trouble to befall upon your own ass!

"Ahhh, what the heck..." LETS GO!!!


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