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>> Sunday, August 28, 2005

I would like to formally thank Ian Llorens for finally stepping up to the challenge of speaking up for his home city Barcelona! Thanks for saying something because it was definitely not a fun game of abusing Barcelona when no one cared to retaliate! Even when Barcelona reporter found me, no one up to this point has tried to discredit my observations.

So check out Ian's response to my Barcelona bashing on his blog.

In fact, he makes a great going of saying that Barcelona is NOT Spain. It is Catalonia. I did make the mistake of expecting fiesta al "Andalusia" over in Barca. You want fiesta go to the South he says. Fair enough. He also points out that Flamenco and Bullfighting have nothing to do with the Calalonian culture...

Ok, point taken. Makes sense.

(Just on a side note, I would not go to a Bullfight, I can't bear to see animals get hurt... People- OK! Just not animals.)

However. This all this still doesn't disprove the fact that Barcelonians seem snotty. Maybe it is because everyone is trying to lump them in with the rest of Spain? or maybe that there has been a huge influx of people from all over Europe coming over to work? Maybe all them foreign students complaining about having to speak Catalan. Who knows.

The point is taken taken though. We should not be expecting Sevillian nights over in Barcelona. And maybe if we just open our eyes and try to discover Barcelona for itself maybe we'd understand it better and find its own unique things to like about it.

My favorite part was Ian's response to my generalization of going South and finding the friendliest people. He suggest going to Antarctica and chilling with the Penguins. Haahaha, that's funny. I always did wonder what it would be like to hug a Penguin... I bet its oodles of slip'n'sliding fun!

P.S. and finally, yes New Yorkers have a bad rep for not being friendly, its true. But that's why we have happy hours! We drink and we get real friendly!! Plus we are in the north... and that's why for friendly Americans you gotta head to the southern borders.

Thanks for disagreeing Ian, I'll be keeping tabs on you for further disputes :)


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