>> Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meet Karla and Lotti! (Yes I DID just name my boots!) They're my new darlings. They sleep on a silk cushion on the couch, they do not go into the closet nor do they actually touch the floor. I think they are perfect for an international rondevou! Oh heck, they're Perfect period. And the color! The COLOR!! I ran out this weekend to get me a RED lipstick just so that I can try to compete for attention with them.

BTW speaking of lipsticks. Actually I've never in my life wore lipstick, I'm more of a mascara overdose girl, but lately a number of circumstances made me go out and do it...

1. My matchmaking Grandma is always commenting how I NEVER wear any make up. (Cus I wear colors that are natural.) She is of the opinion that a pretty young girl must have enough color on her lips to be able to be seen from all the way down the block.

"Sounds like something out of a prostitute's handbook Grandma!" I would always protest.

"Well Sweetie, they must be doing something right if they get all the men. A young pretty girl must help the nice young gentleman notice her, she must wear bright colors so that he will be able to see her from afar, but once he comes over you don't have to actually act like a prostitute." My grandma would always say.

"Ok, grandma, got it, don't act like a prostitute, just LOOK like one, ok, got it!"

2. I read somewhere that red lipstick is not exactly appropriate for ladies over 30. I think that's just poppycock, but just in case, I might as well put the next two years to good use- like wearing red lipstick.

3. Highcontrast was giving me some tips on what men go crazy for. I believe the first thing he mentioned was Red lipstick. To my question of why? He said that the red color makes men's heart rate increase. "Like the bulls' in la corrida?" "Yes."

So I did it. Do you know how many different shades of RED there are in existence!?!?

PS: still haven't figured out what to wear but whatever it is I'm sure Karla and Lotti will be stealing the show...

PSps: I'm nervous, I don't know why? But hey, in the words of Marilyn Manroe in the movie "Some Like it Hot" she said: "Do you know what I do when I feel nervous... I just..." and she leans over to kiss Tony Curtis.


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