Blonde moment dos cientos tres.

>> Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ale: Niiiiiiiccooooo....!!!!! I have NOTHING to weeeeaaahhhhhaaar!!!!

Nico: Really?! That's good news!

Ale: Ohhhh pooooo- you know what I mean! I need fun outfits to look cute and adooooorable!!!!

Nico: You're always cute and adorable, but if you want we can go shopping here for your "fun outfits".

Ale: But that's no fuuuhuuun! You will totally see what my outfits look like!!!!

Nico: But sweetie, I will see what your outfits look like anyway - when you'll wear them.

Ale: ....oh.... right... but... um.. anyway, so should I get more highlights??

I don't know, how, why, when, porque, but my blondest self comes out at first sight (hear) of Nico. Though he did say he sees right through my blond act... but I bet that's just a LINE.

Heheeeh... he totally does NOT see through the blonde act, I got him ALL confused!! ... wait, what... who?


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