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>> Monday, November 13, 2006

It is always great fun to have an excuse to enjoy NYC without having to wear the usual "I'm slightly bored and unamuzed" look that is a must when walking around Manhattan.

Kaya was in town this weekend to entertain HighContrast and I. I mean, we were entertaining her... right, that's how it was... Anyway, the weekend was a blur of laughter, psychoanalysis, serious shop browsing... and of course food and drinks!

Here is what I suggest if you have an afternoon in NYC in which you just want to relax and have the sights pass you by (instead of you passing by to see them).

SOHO will provide you with plenty to laugh about on any given weekend afternoon! But keep in mind you'll need plenty of colorful drinks to help you handle the constant FLOW of people up and down Broadway.

So here is what you do: forget Balthazar for Bruch, there is honestly nothing super special about it, yes, the food is great but do you really want to be waiting outside for at least an hour to be seated!?!??? Come on! What is this? We are not in a town with only one IHOP on the main street. Just walk around the block and you can treat yourself to an excellent breakfast/brunch at an Indian chutney house (Hampton Chutney). There is a yummy selection of Dosas that will come with a fresh made chutney, and you can sip your cardamom coffee for complete bliss!!

We went there and it was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!

Its not posh inside or anything but the food is delicious, you don't have to wait for hours nor will you be spending millions of dollars on breakfast! (You will still spend that money in all the boutiques though!!!)

For a quick drink pop into Cafe Bari and sit either downstairs on the bar stool and watch the crowds pass by, or go to the upstairs bar and grab a seat near the window for even more of a view! I had a Kir Royale, Kaya had a mimosa and HighCon opted for a Coka-Cola in one of those pretty vintage bottles. Here is the view from above.

After more shopping, more walking, etc etc etc... you'll not only get thirsty (again) but also be ready for some lunch. I say you go to Bar 89 on Mercer street (as in 89 Mercer st). Beautiful space with high ceilings to help you relax your eyes after browsing all those shops. Wonderful drinks and good eats. Do not forget to check out the bathroom upstairs! Transparent doors!!! (Fear not, as soon as you close the latch the window magically turns smoky white and you can pee in peace!).

Now, since we are hardcore shoppers (and drinkers) we went for yet another drink (6 more drinks actually- EACH), at Antique Garage, just down the street. Cozy and cute. (Unlike my hangover today.)

In Soho!

Hampton Chutney -
Cafe Bari, Broadway and Spring street
Bar 89 -
Antique Garage -


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