Maybe Spain?!?!!

>> Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Good morning!
Today is just splendid!! I love life! Haaahahah, yes OF COURSE there is a concrete reason why I'm talking silly! I want to be positive all the time, but I'd be crazy to walk around saying life is splendid for no reason at all (maybe that's a problem, maybe I should?).

Yesterday at work I found out that a business trip to Spain is coming up!! I MIGHT be going but its not decided yet. It is actually between me and one of my co-worker, lets call him Oscar the Cat. He is more senior on the job than me so it is possible that he will be the one to go. So why am I so happy you ask? Well first of all, if a trip like this came up once, surely more similar trips will be coming up. If I don't go this time, I am still ecstatic to know that there is a POSSIBILITY of going on the next one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that travel is my life! I LOVE to travel and to such an unhealthy extent that driving past an airport makes me salivate. (Ok, its not a sexy picture, but you see what I mean.) I traveled extensively during college and even after starting a "real job", but for the past 2 years I've been abstaining. Maybe I've been loosing my "mojo" my "joie de vivre" whatever you want to call it, I just did not want to travel anymore. (I think in good part the reason for it was the job hopping tendencies and my inability to settle into a "real life with a real job".)

I strongly believe that in order to really enjoy your travels you must have a good "home base". Without having something to come back to, traveling becomes this desperate SEARCH . You become like an astronaut let out into space without the cord. Oooops! You'll be planet hopping for the next billion light years. How stressful is that!? Definitely NOT good for your complexion. So all in the name of "saving my face" I haven't gone overseas in a while.

Having a precise purpose to go overseas (and a well defined time frame) is a perfect way to travel for me at this point in life. Lets admit it, its the ONLY way I will be able to handle it without wanting to run off and become a migrant construction worker somewhere in Eastern Europe. Ahhh, I love Prague... you can go the the best tanning salon for $5! I could have been a very sexy, tanline less construction worker! (See how easily I get carried away.)

Anyway, nothing is decided yet, but I'm excited! Oooff! That reminds me!!! I have to find my passport! I was actually admiring it a few weeks ago but now that I think about it I haven't seen it since!!! Imagine I'll be chosen to go and I don't have my passport!!! (I think even the expedited service takes about 10 days.) That would be a real nightmare, I don't know what I would do.

Bessos! (in keeping with the Spain theme)


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