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Ok everyone, here is exactly where you need to go for good shopping in NYC. There are over 500 stores and boutiques around this area. EVERYTHING from Bloomingdales department store to designer shops like Georgio Armani to little known boutiques... everything basically! The atmosphere is fun, a bit artsy (since there are a ton of galleries located at this stretch of Broadway). So your POR (point of reference) is: corner of Broadway and Prince st. From there just run around and you'll be sure to see all the fun stores. Spring street and Mercer St. has some of my favorite places. Also to put yourself in the "mood" head over to the corner of Mercer st and Houston, to this cafe called... check this out "Cafe". It's awesome! They usually have artwork from students displayed and there is a green house effect going on... and its always filled with NYU students studying feverishly.

The Important Map!

You can also check out the Meatpacking district, where you have the "up and coming" designers and designers from the BIG Mama fashion houses like Dolce, Armani etc.. that actually went on their own. There are very beautiful stores there. Stella Macarthy...Carlos Miele!!! (he's from brazil). Basically start out in front of the Gansevoort Hotel and go from there. Maybe catch a lunch at Pastis (but bring your best "I'm too sexy for this universe attitude"). If you're there in the evening and spent too much money feel free to go up the Gansevoort hotel to the roof bar and have a nice champaign. Everything is expensive though (I think).

Now if any of the shopping "professionals" are reading this and would like to get involved in the so called "SAMPLE SALES" here in NY. I will simplify the process for you. NYC's has many of such sales where top designers sell their items at half price or less and yes it is tricky to find them (to the naked untrained eye) but you really need to know what you're doing even if you actually do arrive at those places. Some of these designers are not so famous and some of the stuff perhaps has already gotten a bad rep somewhere so if you buy it people (in the know) will look at you funny. But who cares! The process is fun anyway! Like a secret sosciety of sort.

What you need to do is simply buy Time Out New York magazine and there is a section that lists all the sample sales going on that week. They're held usually at the show rooms (or back rooms) in regular buildings mostly in the Fashion District (34-42 streets). That's why you need to know exactly what you're doing. I would go to check something like that out just because you'll get to see the offices of that company as well and if you want to see a bit more of NY life than what's presented in the tourist magazines than this could be a fun little stop to make. As far as actual shopping goes... at places like that good luck... even though everything is half of or more prices are still $200 and up. You get the picture. ALSO: Chanel and Gucci and the really big designers don't usually hold sample sales open to public... they're usually by invitation ONLY so don't spend too much time trying to figure out how to go to one.

That's all kids, happy shopping!!!!


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