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>> Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Michael Kors

Waw today was just soooo difficult! I didn't have work Monday so today was my Monday. Couldn't get into it. "Just wasn't in the mood." So during lunch I went to air my head out. (Be quiet!! who ever said that my head doesn't need any more air... I HEARD you!)

I went shopping on 34th street between 5th and Broadway. Now you guys that are not from NY, do NOT go shopping in that area. It's a zoo! Too many people... and you only have your generic stores like, Macy's, Aldo's, Gap...etc. And there are always these school groups that are on their way to the Empire State Building that is right around the corner. If you want to shop you've got to head over to SOHO (please refer to visuals provided below--hehe).

Anyway, as I was there, having a fight via SMS with one of my friends (you know who you are!), I stopped into ZARA and saw excellent indian style shirts. I like ZARA styles but not sure about the quality of their clothes. Now this is a true story. I had saw this blue sweater from ZARA that I got (same EXACT one) on the second floor of an Italian supermarket!!! Not to mention for a fraction of the price!!! Granted it was an ITALIAN supermarket...but it was a supermarket non the less!!! I checked out my sweater with my bread and yogurt!!! Makes you wonder what these fashion people are up to.

But these linen indian shirts were really nice, with slits up the sides and design around the collar. I didn't cave in though... because I know this awesome place called the Royal Sari House on 29th street and 5th ave, where they sell authentic indian shirts and saris. So I will pay them a visit first before taking out my wallet to raise ZARA's stock.

Honestly I love brand names, but sometimes the prices are completely ridiculous (ok, ALL the time)! I try to follow the rule of "heading SAUS" when deciding which items to splurge on.
S- Sunglasses
A- accessories
U- Undergarments (makes you feel super sexy knowing that your bra is more expensive than your coat... you've got to treat everyday as "i'm getting some today" day-"primavera teaching")
S- Shoes


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