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>> Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Waww, good morning world!
Yes, I'm happy and chipper even though there is a tradgedy happening outside... its SNOWING and RAINING at the same time!!! Ok, its March 22!! can we get with the program and have some SPRING weather!? This is after all the official "Primavera" head quarters!

So why am I happy you ask? (Besides the fact that I want to annoy the heck out of you) Its because I've had a wonderful cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar!

I figured I'd give you a nice visual, except that my cup is about 5 times the size of the one in the picture.

Now speaking of tragedies... yesterday, I show up to work, and in efforts to take care of the first order of business*(see below), I walk over to the kitchenette and see.... AAAAAAAHHH!!! a little sign written on a loose leaf sheet, taped to the esspresso machine that reads: out of order.
What the f*#@#!??!!! (pardon my grammatically poor French). Now all you coffee lovers will agree with me that these three simple words can cause a lot of emotional turmoil on a Tuesday morning!

(Tuesday in my book is as bad as Monday. Maybe worse, at least on Monday you can just not do anything and write it off as Monday blues, and Tuesday is just as difficult but you're actually expected to start functioning.)

Needless to say, after seeing this sign and attempting. inspite it, to press the "on" button at least 20 times in continuation, the little button remained lifeless. This was just horrible.

*first order of business- getting a well loaded cafe latte at the esspesso machine in the kitchenette*

As I realized that this was terminal, the cute esspresso machine will not be revived, I was instantly gripped by sheer panic. I don't ever panic, I'm always cool and relaxed, but this was definitely bordering on a real Panic Attack (which I had the misfortune to experience once before as the result of work related stress) So here I was in the kitchenette... having flashes of death... I experienced shortness of breath... Immediately a headache crept up on me... I even had a brief black out... All this lasted no more than 10 seconds (except for the headache, that stayed), but it was enough to force me to staggering back to my desk enveloped in a dark, DARK clouding feelings of complete despair and inability to imagine living throughout the day.

No I am not addicted to coffee (I was at one time... and that's a whole other story for another day kids) what I am addicted is to the process as a whole, its a purely mental addiction this time. I love to sit there sipping the hot coffee as I go through my morning share of a few dozen emails. The aroma, the taste and how all of the sudden life becomes colorful... (ok, maybe its a little bit physiological as well).

I tried to stay strong and see if I would be ok not drinking coffee but at around 10.30 I just couldn't take it anymore and went downstairs to grab a cup from the cafe. Also it didn't help that as I was speaking to an associate in Europe he asked me if "I was not in the mood" today. And mind you he is not a native English speaker so he did not mean it as we do here in the States, but I did crack a smile and told him that "Of course I'm not in the mood, it only Tuesday!", it made me laugh though, I can't believe he was able to pick it up from all the way across the ocean!

Well, after that, I decided that before I cause another international scandal I'll go and properly caffinate myself... Now... what was the point of this story again?? Oh, yeah... As soon as my lips made contact with this delicious, magical, wonderful beverage I felt life seeping back to my body. I was happy! This reminds me of an excellent book I read: "The Coffee Trader" by David Liss. Its about the beginning of the coffee trade. The book takes place in 1659 in Amsterdam. A must read for coffee lovers! Here is the link for a review.

Anyway, off I fly... on my wonderful coffee high!!!


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