Did my MEMO get lost or something?

>> Friday, March 11, 2005

Last few days were pretty crazy in terms of work. I had to stay later since a few projects came due at the same time. Weather update: today has been cloudy, snowy, than rainy, than snowy again, and just now the sun came out, and according to the news its supposed to rain and snow again in the afternoon. Ok- great, I must have forgotten to CC them when I sent out my MEMO that clearly stated:

From now on forward the weather will be ALWAYS sunny, with ocasional shade (caused by muscular bodies of gorgeous brazilian guys bringing you drinks with little umbrellas in them)

Every afternoon from 2.30-3.00 warm brease will be felt.

Following will be sunshine, with more sunshine and a bit more sunshine.

At about 5.15 you will experience another shadow (yes, that's right - caused by the muscular body of a gorgeous brazilian with the umbrella drink).

Sunset will be at 9.35 pm, and stars will promptly appear in the sky to create a beautiful star-lit nightsky effect.

Click-and SEND

There!! Now I know for sure that the memo is out! Just give "them" 2 hours to activate my request and we can all step outside to immediately start tanning!

"Primavera movement will NOT be contained."


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