Rainy Sunday

>> Monday, March 21, 2005

As I've mentioned before Sunday is deffinitely not a "fun" day in my book. Now imagine RAIN all DAY! That could pretty much send you crying to the nearest solarium!!

In my case anything remotely unpleasant in my life sends me running to "decompress" in the warm booth where the soothing sound of the fan and millions of lightbulbs will cheer me up guaranteed. (Oh, and I absolutely love the scent of the different lotions... with coconut, banana... just love it!)

I actually had to sit and study today... I'm taking my GMAT test. I personally think grad school is a complete waste of time, I do however reccoment getting the title for the following reasons:

1. just to have it
2. meet guys
3. extra excuses for celebration and parties (like tests passed, projects finished, etc, etc)
4. meet more guys
5. looking at everyone at your job utilizing "i'm better than you and now have paperwork to prove it" looks
6. excuse to buy new casual clothes
7. excuse to buy new leather notebook and portfolios
8. having such a busy schedule that guys will line up to ask you out --ok, here is the explanation to that one:
Rule used-Supply and Demand
Ex- since you will no longer be available much, that will deminish the supply, which in turn, will drive the demand up!) hahaha applied science at work.
9. Getting back your SPRING BREAK AND WINTER RECESS!!!!! I don't know about you guys, but for me vacations after graduation never quite tasted as delicious as when in school... There is just something about taking vacation because its THE ONLY time you can, as opposed to being able to take it whenever. (once again supply and demand at work)
10. nothing can beat #9, so lets not try--

And here you have it! The 10 beautiful reasons to go to Grad School!
What a rather sad day... its a Sunday, its raining, I have to study... well knowing that misery was inevitable, and also knowing that misery loves company, I made sure to be at Wallstreet's house. Also today her brother and his fiance were comming over as well as her mother for some cooking lessons! So lots of company to ease the misery!! AND DELICIOUS HOME FOOD!

So you see kids, there is always a solution to every problem, and there is always a way out of any situation! Waw, this Sunday was just full of opinions for me... too much work... I promise to be back to my normal "blonde" self on monday!


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