>> Tuesday, March 8, 2005

I just wanted to say a quick "hi!" to everyone who lives in beautiful warm countries!!! Because right now there is a SNOW STORM here in NY! So I would just like to say: "hi everyone who is now enjoying the sunshine, I really, really "LOVE" you! Muuuaah!" ("muahh" is a big kiss, in case you didn't feel it).

But no, I am not complaining... Its just this snow storm is not fitting into my "Primavera" movement. And by the way, the snow is comming down horizontally at this point. Hey, anyone who hasn't put away their skiing gear yet.. Coooommon down! we'll go skiing down 5th avenue!!

Kisses, muah, muahhh!!

ps: I didn't forget to talk about the happenings of sunday night... I just didn't have time.


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