When was your last shoegasm?

>> Sunday, July 31, 2005

So here I am dealing with my devastating break-up, (never mind that I only knew the man for about 3 weeks) but nevertheless I am monitoring my vital signs and re-checking my breathing.
(Please, I hope you're not taking me literally.)

My psychology scholar friend once told me that the best way to deal with a situation that is unpleasant to you is by "appeasing your inner-child". Have you ever thought why we tend to get upset at situations that are OUT of our control? Why we are sad when situations do not turn out the way we want, even if we UNDERSTAND why it must be so? Well, my friend explains that this happens when our "adult self" and our "inner-child self" are in conflict. The "inner-child" stamps its foot and demands the thing that it wants... and NOW!! While the "adult self" gets frustrated at the "inner-child" telling it to be quiet, to behave, and to act- well- like an adult. The way to deal with this inner struggle is to APPEASE the "inner-child", if she can't have the thing that she wants... well give her the next best thing! Distract her! Like a child that's in hysterics over something, it only takes a little of distraction and there they are laughing again.

So to deal with my "situation" I'm appeasing MY inner child. And all it took was two shiny things that I saw in a store window... OOOHH pretty, I want, I WANT! Said the inner child. Well, OK! Here you go sweetie!!! I answered. Golden... SHINY!!! Yey!!!

And of course what accompanies a shoe purchase? Yep. A brand new pedicure. And what comes with a brand new pedicure?? Yep! A manicure!! And what comes with new shoes, pedi and mani?? A nice sensation... kinda like a coffee buzz... its a SHOEGASM!!!


And... Uuuuhhh...

Waw... that was pretty good.

I'd give you a link to the store, but apparently there aren't any. Just another one of those boutiques that we don't know much about.
There are two locations, one is on 23rd and Broadway.

As you can see the actual shoes are from Dollhouse

As for me, I'm now on the way to the beach (and that's a whole other kind of "gasm") but after that, mani and pedi. So to answer the above question: When was your last shoegasm? To-day!! and when was YOURS?

hmm...and I wonder if men get them too..?

OH! and I almost forgot to underline a lesson learned today: if you can't have the man you want, get the next best thing, NEW SHOES! hehehe


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