Matchmaking Grandma strikes again...

>> Friday, July 29, 2005

"Hi, Grandma!"
"Hi Sweetheart- I got another one for you! A good one!"
"Well, well, lets hear..."
"OK, he is 29, he is very handsome and comes from a very nice family!" - my Grandma is obviously proud of her "work".
"...and what does he do?" - my obligatory question number three.
"He does something with computers!" - Grandma is just ecstatic...
"Hmm... that doesn't tell me much Grams" - I knew there would be missing info in Grandma's preliminary "background check".
"I don't know...just something with computers..." - poor grandma... lets enlighten her:

"OK Grandma, there are many "things" you can do with computers, for example:

1. fix computers-
Making him a - Computer technician - meaning, he will insist on fixing EVERYTHING himself, including that satellite phone we will take on our honeymoon...for the entire duration of the honeymoon. -NO-

2. program computers -
Making him a - Computer programmer - I'd have to put up with smart alec comments for the rest of my life and have to learn to include the frase "by default" in my everyday speech... -NO-

3. design websites -
Making him a - Web designer - artsy, pensive (I did mention I don't like my men to think too much, right?) creative... all bad qualities for a guy, they need to stick to being sweetly dumb, uncreative and stay away from thinking. -so, NO-

4. pornography addict - that's just not cool at all - sex maniac, maybe be OK, but porn addict just gross, - NO-

5. computer engineering - I don't even know what that is - so, NO-

....but than again.....

"Grandma... exactly HOW hot did you say he is??"


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