Red cars, dreams, and good luck...

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2005

three legged car- ehh, its for good luck!

Not sure if you can see very well, but that's a three wheel car back there. It wasn't so comfortable taking the picture while driving... it should definitely be outlawed. But isn't it true that its for good luck to see a three wheeled car?? especially in red? And I hope I get EXTRA good luck for taking a picture!!

Anyway, talking about good luck. I've had a few very vivid dreams lately. Maybe I can try to decipher what they're telling me. (Probably that I'm dehydrated and should drink more water).

You need a ride - friend?

Yesterday I had a dream of going to a concert. After, I walked to my car only to realize that it was gone! For some reason I did not panic and very as a matter of factly started walking towards the bus stop. As I was crossing the street I see MY car (which is also red by the way) and in it 3 people! A guys and two girls. I am so angry that I just want to permanently damage somebody's kidney, but instead I tap on the window and say:

"Hey guys, I guess you need a ride huh?"
After the initial moment of shock they nod their heads, with mouths still opened.
"Mind if I drive?" - I ask the guy at the wheel
"No, no sure, of course" - as he scrambles over to the passenger seat.

For the rest of the dream I end up driving them around to the various locations that they need to go and even meeting certain people that give me advice as well (don't remember about what).

It ends with me exchanging genuine warm hugs and phone numbers and tearful promises to visit with my would be car jackers as they continue on their way... Weird no??

jealousy in the 21st century

And the other day I dreamt about the beautiful older man. I dreamt that I called him and on this futuristic TV phone. As I got voice mail which was actually displayed on my phone's flat screen it said:

"Thank you for calling, you have reached me as I am on vacation... Please leave your name and number and I will be calling you back as soon as possible. I will be checking my voice mail from the yacht.

If this is Amanda: please call me directly on my satellite phone
If this is Melissa: I will call you back upon my return
If this is Ale: please leave you phone number since it accidentally was erased from my blackberry.

Once again, thank you for calling.."

!!!!!??????!!! ................ ... !!? ....????????????????? ? ! !! ... !!?

I remember getting really jealous in my dream, and funny thing I'm still feeling jealous now!!!
I'm afraid the first words out of my mouth next time we talk will be:
And his reply would probably be:

"?????!!! ??????..............??!!!??? ?? ? ?????"

Well, I don't know, my grandmother says that dreaming about negative things means positive things are about to happen. But then again, here at "Primavera" we like to think that all things that happen, they happen specifically to bring us luck!


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