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>> Thursday, July 21, 2005

alhambra style

Wallstr and I were at the newly remodeled Kush bar. Good. We approve. The set up is very interesting there, its dark, cool, and a total maze. Very relaxing. Dark, carved wood everywhere... cushions... candles all around... mosaics on the tables. Very pretty. They have about ten hookah flavors. Its pretty expensive, but during happy hour(s) its all half price. The only thing I didn't like is they're not set up yet to serve hot beverages, and I like my hot hibiscus tea with my hookah. So, I'm picky about the ways I like to do my hookahs... aren't you?

Aaaah, I remember the time I was passing through Grenada... I was way too young to know about hookahs back then. I did notice some men with them... Just sitting on the corners looking mysterious, sucking on them hookahs. I guess it would have been nice to do an authentic one there... in a dark cafe. I bet there they would serve my tea without question.

What magic Grenada is. I think Alhambra is the only place that will be magical no matter how many tourists you stick in there... especially at night... the magic is so thick in the air you can grab it with your hand.

But beware my young friends... once it finds a home in you... the desire for more will not leave you. You will walk this earth forever trying to recapture it once again. And take it from me- you'll have to go through a LOT of hookahs!

Info: - Spain - Ahhh - NYC (happy hours 5pm - 8pm)

Cafe Cairo is my favorite so far, its tiny but resembles the ones I've seen in Spain. Plus the food is good, has at least 20 hookah flavors and is pretty cheap. (Cheap hookahs - yey!)
(189 E Houston St )

There is also one on E. 60th street and 2nd Ave, yeah, upper East side can you believe?

Cadiz- come back to us- stop sobbing- go get yourself a hookah- (Cadiz- has a special affinity towards Espana).


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