>> Saturday, July 9, 2005

Good morning world!!!

Ale, is up and is having her coffee. I can't believe it. Saturday past 9am and I'm not on a beach. This weekend will be different, because my relatives from Israel and Canada are coming to visit and half of them are staying at my parents house! Its going to be crazy. So I'm over here now with an assignment to clean. Yep, I'm procrastinating, really I'm a bit confused... I don't know how I'm going to clean when my house cleaning person is not going to be able to drive out here from my pent house... (haha, no not really, honestly, i don't have a cleaning person... I clean my pent house all by myself.)

So I'm really excited about them coming. The only problem is that they will all be ripping pieces of me asking me if I have a boyfriend and why I'm not married with children yet. Dudes- I'm 27... calm yourselves! My future husband is not of legal age yet!!! Because he WILL be 10 year's younger than me! (I'm following the examples of some of my rolemodels Icy and Butik).

But seriously, they'll be on my case all weekend I'm sure... and they never want to hear about my shenanigans with younger men... they don't think anything serious will ever come out of them. I should I just invite my beautiful older man over for brunch, kiss-face, and just shut them all up! Haha that would be so great!

"I AM mature! see - see- I'm dating a grown-up!! He's almost TEN years older than me! NOW what do you say!!?!"

Oh, boy-I know I'll be having fun with my family this weekend... CAN'T WAIT!


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