Long weekend

>> Thursday, July 7, 2005

union sq

I can't believe the week is almost over, I better hurry up and talk about last weekend...
Sexy Mr. Highcontrast was in town!!! We got together Friday along with Dulce and one of his friends. He was full of very, VERY interesting information. There was lots of yelling, screaming and laughing (from Dulce and I as we listened).

He knows, but I always remind him that when we first met I had a HUGE crush on him... but than I got to know him... no- just kidding- I sill have a crush on him! Haha because he is just sexiness embodied!!!

So we met up in Union Square on the fifth floor- in the lingerie department - among Calvin Klein bras... no, seriously, that's what happened. Than we headed to the happy village to eat.

AND DRINK, because we were all very thirsty children!

see pictures!?!

Caipirinhas are so hot- just like everything else brazilian is hot-
...the guys...Ipanema...bikinis...bbq meat...etc...etc...etc...I'll stop here before I completely get of the subject...

Speaking about hot stuff... guess who showed up???


The beautiful sexy man... and he looked very beautiful and sexy... in an older... beautiful and sexy way...


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