>> Friday, July 22, 2005

Honestly guys, I try really hard to ignore politics, I have sworn off the news in the last couple of years; but it just doesnt go away! When is this going to end already!?!! I mean, how much longer are we going to continue to behave like complete idiots blowing each other up!?

Is it not enough of a "hint" that we are all the same, made from the same meat and bones, that our babies' first words are always 'mama' and 'dada'. Why do we still think that we can differentiate ourselves from each other... Especially by trying to kill each other. Paint your hair purple if you must, but don't go blowing up other people.

I'm just so annoyed that London got blasted AGAIN today. Thank goodness no one was hurt this time as these were "small" blasts. "Little bombs" no biggie. Of course. It has become a GOOD DAY when the bombs used to bomb us happen to be "small" that day! Great!!!

Bombs are going off in the Iraq, bombs are going off in London. What has been accomplished by this?? Freakin' NOTHING.

If people only were able to look at themselves in a FULL LENGTH MIRROR as they reach their arm back to fling that bomb... they would notice WHERE they aim these bombs... They would notice that they aim directly at THEMSELVES. They're faces are contorted in hatred towards... themselves. The only thing that they will accomplish is killing... themselves.



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