There was jazz... and there was ale... in central park last night.

>> Friday, July 8, 2005

Yup, there definitely was JAZZ in central park, Jasmine from " strange places" blog that is. We decided to get some drinks on the lake. Now, all of you jasmine's stalkers, listen up: she looks... sexy as she sounds on her blog! One more hint: the boob picture really is her! :)

It was fun meeting a "blogger friend" and I was actually pretty surprised how natural a transition was. Than again why shouldn't it be, I mean we write stuff about our lives right? and we follow the events... so in essence we should all have plenty to talk about in real life. And so it was. I can't wait till her bar exam is done and than... moms and dads do lock up your young men because Ale and Jas will be cruising the city taking no prisoners.

Talking about prisoners, there was this hot (as in good looking) sweaty (as in hot) guy that was jogging along and of course Jasmine knew him. Now I wouldn't mine being locked up in a cell with him for an evening... Jas - remember to hook me up!

Now, now, I know I'm in love already and all... but what's a few extra logs to throw in a fire... it'll just burn brighter!

So kids the moral of the story is: don't play with fire... unless you don't mind sweating a few times per day.

ciao bambini!


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