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>> Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Everyone is now officially allowed to stand up and go visit the little girls/boys room...

OH Goodness! I've looked through a few of the latest posts... boo hoo- we've really have been getting side tracked. Trying to resolve world's issues... going through some kind of self discovery nonsense... what is this!?! :)

This is SP HQ! There is no room for cry babies. We gotta get back to basics!! To get back into the daily dissection of the important issues!!! Like the glorious effects of mass caffeenation on overall global happiness. The in-depth study of the benefits of dating a younger men. (Eh, whatever, sometimes older, hehe.) More discussions on coffee... Discussing the effects of sun rays on the color of my high lights... These issues have been pushed to the sidelines. Ok, fine we recently had a good nostalgic moment reminiscing about hooke..I mean hookahs, I guess that was OK. (Except Cadiz was sent back to her blog in tears...)

By the way, don't worry about me being sad (YESTERDAY). Getting dumped is good for your skin. Which is why I found this man and made him dump me!!! Of course. As I always say: makes blood circulate faster getting rid of toxins... its good for you! Seriously, the way I look at it, experiences like this are good. Its good to be sad sometimes. Plus this is already going into my "I gotta tell this to my grandkids one day" story pile. This one will be called: "How Ale dated an Older Man." It'll be legendary!!! NO ONE will believe this one!!! (Even if he was very sexy and beautiful older man).

P.S. - I can't wait till another touchy feely subject comes up... I'll be sure to report fully!!!

lesson kids: yeah, yeah... no matter how genuinely you try to learn life's lessons, you will probably end up having to re-learn them again... so "its ALL good"... said Robin Hood, spread the love and don't sniff glue.


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