IL PIU Bello!

>> Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bella Napoli~

I was frolicking in Union Square park during lunch yesterday and I saw a friend of the beautiful sexy older man. I was not sure that it was actually him so apart from a few stares no actual conversation took place. I guess I was thinking that maybe its just a hallucination. Hmm... I wonder why, if I'm hallucinating, it's with his friend and not HIM?

*Hint: his friend is 6'4" gorgeous. (But those are just details- right?)

I realize that its probably a good thing that the older sexy man doesn't want to see me. He is probably right, I am not serious enough. And since I've never dated anyone that was more than 2 years older than me so I've never had to deal with that. I'm really over this thing. And so quickly.

Today however is a birthday of someone that it took me FOREVER to get over. (That's why I know that if I was able to get over him, I can get over ANYONE, and knowing this simple fact surely speeds up the process.) This guy is someone who I've seen during the 5 years that we have known each, collectively probably not more than 20 days. It was love at first sight...

It was a sunny, gorgeous day in Naples (Italy). A friend of mine Giuseppe (an older friend) that I knew from another city offered to show me around, oh, and he is bringing his younger brother along if I don't mind. (NO I don't mind, HELLO!) And the moment I saw him, I just started smiling. The same smile is STILL on my lips even now as I write. He was just (and is) the nicest, NICEST boy you'll ever meet. He is also very cute. He is not extra tall, he is not super thin but there is just something so very magnetic about him. A bit shy, and quiet, but not too much where he won't drag you off into the corner and kiss you, or drive to another city to kiss you for that matter. My friends in Italy nicknamed him "il piu bello" THE most beautiful, and that's because we had lots of other guys all around who were all "belli" but he was beautiful inside as well. (Again, this inner beauty thing keeps resurfacing.)

As I was saying, that afternoon I realized that he is just the perfect guy for me. I remember telling Giuseppe that in about 5 years I would love to marry his brother. Why in 5 years? He asked. Well, because I'm just not smart enough right now to realize that he is perfect for me. Brutta, brutta, brutta!!!! (I'm saying to myself right now.) (means dumb in italian)

This year is the 5th year that I know him. I was correct in saying that by this time I will be ready to think in a more serious fashion. We started out as friends, than there was a romance, then a few years of intercontinental SMS messages, a few visits, a few crazy rides on his motorcycle. I even made him call his mom to ask her if she was fine with us getting married. Because you know the way to an italian man's heart is through LA Mamma. He said something to the effect that he didn't want to get married anytime soon. I said that no one is asking his opinion in the matter. Later I received a call from him and he said: "La Mamma said OK." "OK, What??" I asked. "She said, its a great idea for us to get married, she approves." Let me tell you, I was happy! Imagine: laundry done from me! spaghetti cooked for me! cappucinos in the morning!!! What a wonderful life!! I can't wait to marry an italian guy! Because of course La Mamma will have to live with us.

Even though the expiration date on our supposed wedding plans has run out this summer... EHHH what the heck- lets extend it another 5 years...

So Happy Birthday to IL piu Bello! E perfavore, saluta mi La Mamma!!!


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