Sunday evenings

>> Monday, April 24, 2006

For me they are always quiet and slow. Well you know, the whole "have to go to work tomorrow" thing. Sunday evenings are usually the time when even the littlest annoying things may seem larger and sadder than they really are. Last Sunday evening was simply unbearable for many reasons. First of all I was feeling owerwhelmed at the whole situation. It was hard to figure out how to react after having spent the most incredible time with this great person and now having to see him leave! After I dropped Nico off at the airport I kinda just stood around there for a good twenty minutes just watching people move throughout the security line... The airport is only about a 15 minutes drive from my house and I felt like I was not ready to step out of the "weekend" yet, or face any people.

Finally I walked away from the security line, walked around looking for an ATM, than looking for a bathroom... than I slowly made my way back to the car. It was total confusion... I made an executive decision to put myself out of this misery and just head straight home, jump into bad and SLEEP.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and brilliant sunshine! I got up and "assessed" my vital signs. ALL CLEAR! Last night's confusion was completely gone and what was left is just me being super happy!!! I was really freaked out that I will be walking around devastated for days... weeks... but no!! I was completely FINE!!!! Not only fine, but I was even MORE energetic than usual, even more pleasant with the toll booth people on the highway as I drove into Manhattan. In case you're wondering, yes I had planned to go into work even thgough it was a holiday, just to ensure I would be kept busy all day since I suspected that might be needed. I was completely focused, I ripped through proposals, prepared my strategy agenda, and did a whole bunch of other stuff after which I decided to slow down since I may seriously have no reason to walk back into the office for the rest of the week. Yeah... Ice Cream has that effect on me.

Hmm.... so yeah, I just realized that no matter what happens, already last weekend is worthy enough to become a story for my grandchildren one day. (After they reach their 18th birthday at least!) Ha, I really do measure life in terms of whether it would be interesting enough to tell grandkids. I guess I always think back to the stories my grandparents tell me and how completely on the edge of my chair I sit listening... and I want my life to be like that too.

So this Sunday evening, exactly a week later, I am completely relaxed about to watch a movie... have a nice mint tea while burning my sweet vanilla candle... Feeling pretty self satisfied... Everything is ok!


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