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>> Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If there are any adrenaline lovers out there, i got a fun little activity for you to try! Forget bungi jumping, forget jumping out of planes, forget climbing the Kilimanjaro... try this instead.. Try going to the airport to pick up your potential international honey and wait as glamorous south americans come out front the buenos aires flight... as the asian group walks out from cathey pacific flight... than a slow trickling of pale europeans begin to make their way out... looking down the isle and seeing a familiar face... smiling at you...!!!!!!

Ok, so everything was absolutely incredible. I honestly could not have dreamed or thought it up better than it went. Besides the fact that he is hot, we really agree on many important issues like:

- sushi being a rockin' good food
- what is a good way to spend time
- same way to make fun of other people
- hate kids and dogs
- we even use the same brand of shampoo!!

It was honestly a bit overwhelming how nice it all was. Needless to say when I dropped him for the return flight I was quiet devastated... also could be the fact that I had only single digit sleep hours the entire time... However the next morning when I woke up I just felt really happy and energetic.

Sure it was a qucki where we both showed our "good faces" and tried not to let the "uglies" come out, but it is a good feeling to like what the other person's got to show you. However Nico advised me that even thought currently he didn't have any problematic episodes with me, he said he's sure he'll find plenty to dislike about me as time goes on! Nice one Nico glad to know you're looking forward to it, haha!


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