>> Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here are some pics from our fun outing to the museum.

This is the Budda room... was cool! This is also the room where Dulce got reprimanded for being on her cellphone by the museum security attendant who was power tripping after an overdose of opium.

Wallstr told him that the tone of voice he was using "wasn't very nice". And I tried looking at his name badge so we can report him to for bad customer treatment! But he immediately started running away... and well my vision was still fuzzy from the drinks earlier.

Ahhh... and the sculpture garden! That's always marvelous! How hot would it be to have something similar in your house!? Amm... VERY hot.

Oh, and how cute are people whose English is a second language!??? Here is a tidbit of a conversation with Nico today:

Ale: Hey, I think you need to bring a jacket since it looks like it might rain on Saturday...

Nico: Oh, MAN! I was really hoping to wear as little clothes as possible this weekend!!

(Good boy!)


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