Feliz Birthday Joan!

>> Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanks to a reminder from Google we can all feel a bit culturally enriched today!

It is the birthday of Joan Miro' who was born on April 20, 1893. He is a famous Catalan surrealist painter. From our "favorite" city of Barcelona. He was buddies with Picaso and all them other cubists and fauvists. I am not too big on abstract art but once you learn what are some of his recurring symbols are in his paintings and sculptures, it is possible to "read" what the painting is saying. And a lot of it is pretty kinky! Where classical art is supposed to evoke a certain feeling in the viewer and is open to personal interpretation, I think (just MY opinion) is like apuzzlel that actually reveals a little hidden message from the artist.

So knock yourselves out! Google image the heck out of him and see if you have any favorites!

This is one of my favorites... I got it at the gift shop at the Fundacio' Joan Miro' when I was in Barcelona. Note: I said GIFT shop, since I didn't ACTUALLY go into the museum... yeah yeah ignoramus...

Anyway, the ant that is hanging in the air is supposed to represent something sexual... the bottle... um... something else... and the creatureswimmingg out of the stormy water is drunk? Is that why he has red eyes?

Also he is a bit of a hero to me because his family wanted him to be a business person, but after he worked as an accountatnt for two years he staged a "nervous breakdown" so his parents would let him persue other things... well... how come that didn't work for me!? I can draw cubes and lines and ants and stuff! Ignoramus... ok, off to lunch...


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