To love is to cease hating the subway...?

>> Monday, May 1, 2006

It was a leisurely weekend. Just a family get together and some wine and chocolate.

I watched Casanova, a prettily done movie no doubt, but silly. The book or shall I say the six volumes are simply exquisite! I definitely recommend everyone to read them.

An interesting quote from the movie was a definition of love is. Francesca's mother said: "Love is when there is no bad weather. When rain and sleet is just another kind of good weather".

Hmm... I guess for me "Love is not seeing ugly people on the subway, its when the ugly person next to me is just another kind of pretty person."

Yeah, NO, that one will never happen! ... Somehow the ugliness of the people on the NYC subways is something way too great even for Love to conquer!!!

I will stop hating it one day... THE DAY I don't SEE it anymore!!!


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