>> Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We are here, Wallstr and I that is, in San Fran!!! Oh my goodness.... we spent an awesome time in Santa Barbara... as you can see we are alive after the limo driven wine country ride... than on our way north to San Luis Obispo... and up highway 1 through Big Sur and etc... AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we were in Carmel, California... GORGEOUS!!! We are having such an unbelievable time its .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

ohhh, Nico misses me... just in case ya'll were concerned, and I'm sure you were..

Oh and btw why no one said its hard to walk in San Fran... all these dam hills up and down and up and down... we are going to have buns of steel (even more than now).

sooooooo we are now going to go and have some drinks and some Italian food... and relax our legs...

Be good!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses from SUNSHINE filled californiaaaa
Ale and Wallstr



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