Men and their sick sense...

>> Saturday, May 13, 2006

Il piu bello called me yesterday. COMPLETELY out of the blue. Well, actually, it should have been expected. Seriously, it really must be TRUE that men have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing that an ex-girlfriend is starting to get serious about someone else. Ladies, I don't know how... but they KNOW!

Il piu bello and I probably talk 3 times a year or so, actually last time I spoke with him was last summer. We do send text messages here and there, major holidays and Birthday I am assured a message like clockwork, but other than that nothing much. We do have this thing where we keep track of each other... so in fact I thought he was calling to invite me to his wedding or something like that... but no, it was just to say "hello".

Yesterday another one, an old crush who I've never talked about here, emailed me to say "hi", and last time we talked was literally over a year ago. "Sooo, where do you live now...? What's new...?"

What's next? My first boyfriend will decide to give me call??

Waw, I must really like Nico since the sixth sense only senses those guys that we are really into...


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