A Real Mission Impossible

>> Friday, May 5, 2006

Oh, I'm sorry, please forget all the complaints about my terrible commute because I just found out that someone else has it much MUCH worse!! I was over at Dulce's house Wednesday night and we were having lovely tea time with my favorite Yerba Mate. (Thanks to the newly opened Trader Joe's right in Manhattan!!!!! That place is PURE GENIUS!!!)

So we're drinking Sssherba Mate as the Argentinians say it, who start guzzling it down as soon as they're off brest milk, and Dulce tells me about her horrific commute to work. First here is some background info, mind you, she lives 3.5 BLOCKS from her job!!!!!!!! She rolls out of bed around 8am to be at work by 9am!!! But apparently living and working in Midtown right in the center, has plenty of hazards... On her 3.5 block walk to work, Dulce runs into problems near David Letterman's studios where there are always visiting celebrities that create crowds! It is simply impossible to walk home! Poor Dulce! Oh, but it gets worse!!! There are also a number of theaters where premiers are always going on creating MORE crowds!!! I mean sometimes there are so many celebrities and fans that Dulce has to cross to the OTHER SIDE of the street to avoid the commotion! Preposterous!!

This brings me to the problem of Wednesday night. It was the premier of Mission Impossible III. Tom and company were obviously in town creating a stir. RIGHT in the middle of Dulce's commute route!!!! The stupid Red Carpet was blocking the path!! I mean how annoying it is to walk right across the Red Carpet that has many hot hot bright lamps around it!!! And Dulce didn't have her sunglasses that day... Also all the screaming fans... I mean, its horrible! Poooor Dulce!!!!!! I'm sorry, even I wouldn't want to exchange my 2 hour one way commute involving 4 modes of transportation for such horror!! But seriously, Dulce is fed up, I mean, ONE MORE time she'll have to walk across the red carpet, bump into another dam celebrity... she might just... omg... I don't know....

Quote of the night...
Dulce: "UGGGHHHHH!!!! That Tom Cruise is just making my commute a Mission Impossible!!!!!"

We feel for you girl...


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