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>> Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So last night I've made a monumental decision to stop sleeping on the couch. It really sucks when you have to DRAG your own leg into the car as you sit down!!! And at the still tender age of 28!! Unacceptable!! So, I found my air mattress that was stowed away in the garage still in its box from my months gallivanting in California. I blew it up... My parents came to watch... in HORROR!!!!!!

"Sweetie... ammm... what are you doing??" My mom innocently asked.

"Well, the DOCTOR recommended I start sleeping on a real surface if I want to retain the usage of my body!" But I didn't say that... I just frased it in a language that would be more applicable to their purposes: "Well, I'm just getting comfortable, looks like I'll be here for a while..." heheheheh....

They both gave each other worried looks. Haaha, OK, now my egocentrical side takes that as them being worried about me and how I refuse to go out into the world and "make my own life" or some nonsense like that... but really I think they're just straight up SICK of me and my stuff crowding their garage! Well dudes, if I had any kind of interest in living on my own maybe I would... but I don't, so I won't! Get used to seeing my face float around the house if ya haven't yet!!! ('Zokay, I sometimes make them dinners... like on their birthdays... so we're even!?)

ps: Kids, think hard before having kids!


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