New York New York!

>> Wednesday, May 3, 2006

You know you are a real New Yorker when:

1. you drink more coffee than a fish drinks water
2. the only wild animals you fear are your fellow commuters
3. sleeping is done primarily from 6am to 1pm on a Sunday, and not because you're partying, but because your bed doesn't fit into your apartment
4. you browse job ads in Florida... (California, Hawaii, Madagascar, Patagonia... Mars) on a daily basis
5. you have learned to hold your breath for at least 5 minute intervals, hoping to get it up to an hour which would come in handy in the summers when garbage smell in NYC is omni present
6. you have moved away from the dreaded manhattan island to greener pastures only to gain a 4 hour a day commute... and still be more fortunate than some others
7. seeing tourists makes your day, because misery loves company
8. have developed a nervous twitching in the eye as the result of endless annoyances that are beyond your control
9. you wish to move to Los Angeles do ESCAPE the traffic
10. when you can say "I'm so lucky to live here" as sarcastically as possible and still be taken seriously

oh brother... I'm so lucky to live here!...

*yep, Sempre Primavera HQ management is away on business so we are being VERY bad...


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