>> Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Half way through the week people!!!! Sun is finally out but somehow that's just making it more annoying to be inside! Where did I go wrong when at 5 yrs old I dropped the idea of being a marine biologist, now I could have been working on a floating research center!???

Instead I'm working on a floating pile or sh..t! (Oh, that's Manhattan if you'all didn't get it.)

Haha, I knew sooner or later my true feelings about NY would come out! :) Don't WORRY! Sempre Primavera is still within! Maybe like an animal I'm instinctively feeling that my time here may be coming to a close??? Maybe because Florida residence will be completed in a few months??? Is it really possible???? Will I actually really leave this place??

Carry on!

ps: YES it is Budweiser Beer. As elegant and fancy as I am, I totally drink it!, and it IS good, I don't care what anyone says!


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