>> Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You know what totally annoys the heck out of me!!???? (Besides everything in and around NYC)

UGLY brides!!!

You know what annoys me EVEN more!???

SMILING ugly brides!

What's setting of this rampage session of abuse? Well... first of all, I can not wait till next week when I'll ELEGANTLY be drinking myself silly in Santa Ynez Valley with 9 other girls being driven to and fro in a limo... I will have to wear a tag with the hotel's address on my person because I plan on achieving the level of intoxication at which speech is clinically not possible! I plan on blacking out even as the midday california sun beats down hard through the tinted limo windows...! I can not wait!!!!

But really, I was just trying to browse pictures of Hamburg (Germany) and came across some wedding photos... First of all, I'm sick and tired of hearing about weddings, and GOING to weddings, and hearing about other people going to weddings. Secondly, I'm tired of people treating weddings as some kind of trendy event. Blaaaahhhh!!!! Oh, and what designer dress did she wear, and what did the bridal party wear... and who was your photographer.. and who was the florists. Bla blaaaaaaa It seems like no matter how much the Bride and Groom try the wedding will still be a criticized to death by the guests most likely those that are seeing the couple for the first AND last time anyway!!!

But yeah, back to the smiling, ugly bride's issue. Yeah, they piss me off.

OK FIIIIIINEEEE!!!!!!! Honestly, REALLY honestly, THAT bride in particular pissed me off BECAUSE .... it was HER skinny ass that was happily getting married in Hamburg with her trendy dress and trendy guests and trendy euro fiance'... and she was some dock rat from San Francisco!!! I say dock rat, because her hair looked like it belonged on a dock rat!!

Lesson kids: Competitive JEALOUSY in women towards other women is the ONE SINGLE FLAW that brings us down!!!!

That's why historically men have been dominating the scene in politics... etc etc.... because they stupidly STICK up for each other through the most idiotic dumb ass crap... and we women... just CAN'T handle seeing another woman succeed with a man... Its a natural reaction, its chemical it just happens... Apparently this subconcious desire to procreate drives us to 'ATTACK' our supposed competition. Well I guess its good for the men, because if we didn't tear eachother down on their behalf we would take over the world and not need them at all!

Ok... that was a bit heavy for a Tuesday morning, but what the heck...


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