Immature Book review #3678?

>> Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This weekend was completely dead, not a leaf was making a sound in the lifeless alley... Nah, it was nice and relaxing not to do anything! But now I have to pay for that relaxation with a complete brain drain! So I'll try to concentrate and remember the smart things I read a little while ago...

Killing Pablo- a book Dulce let me borrow. Honestly, my reaction... very mixed. Its like, WHAT THE HECK took so long to get a hold of the man! OK, I understand that he had the entire country bought off, but honestly, I felt sorry for him on some level. He really tried to be the robin hood for the poor, yet there was no other way for him to function other than completely ruthless criminality all with countless bloodbaths and other completely wicked ways of dealing. At the end there was NO choice but to find him and kill him. However upon instinct, like a cockroach that was cut in half still tries to run away, so did he.. honestly I could hardly read the second part of the book, totally draining. A bit like Crime and Punishment, you read the book and you sweat...

On a lighter note..

Front Row- a book about Ana Wintour, an unauthorized book mind you. So basically GOSSIP! Loved it! (That was part of Dulce's present for me.) Very interesting though, she was basically determined to become the editor in chief of Vogue from 16 yrs old! That's determination. Another interesting moment is that as strong and bossy Anna is with her job, all the men in her life considered her to be totally in need of their help, counseling and just needy for their affection. Hmmm...? Anna, needy and week!? Seriously what is it with men and their weakness attraction syndrome? Is it possible for a man to fall in love with someone who they don't actually have to rescue from something? (Drug addictions, strip club job.. abusive ex-boyfriend... shopping obsessions? etc...!?) Have you ever wondered why Madeline Albright is not married?? Or even our girl Condoleza Rice??? Hmmm... do I see a pattern...?

Well, the only pattern I see is the one in which Dulce is ardently trying to better my mind! Cool!


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