A Staten Island Weekend

>> Monday, September 24, 2007

What a beautiful beautiful weekend I spent with my parents and brother. Again we went to watch the little golfer in action. He is SO GOOD! I am really inspired to take up golf, I love a sport that will take up a whole day and it will transpire in beautiful setting like nice green golf course.

Momi made a GRANDIOSE lunch on the patio and we just relaxed and enjoyed various russian delicacies along with pomegranate sparkling water.

No trip back to la casa would be complete without a quick peek into Target :) Here is the latest indulgence (though at that price you can hardly call it an indulgence).

Looooove snake shoes! I had a pair before but wore it to pieces so I'm happy to have found a replacement. Snakey goes with absolutely everything, can be dressy or casual.

I also could not walk by some really SUPER cute baby outfits over at Target... NO don't worry I'm not pregnant, but everyone we know basically back in Holland IS. I got some stuff for a boy baby and for a girl baby, I figure out of the four pregnant couples at least there is a good chance for boys and girls, though non of us know yet what variaties of babies they'll be having. Ahh the suspense! I do know one thing, probably they will be BLOND, all dutch babies are always blond!

Ps: I miss Vitooooooo!!! waaaahhh!


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