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Costa Rica... ahhh... what can I say... except...


Ok, I guess better start at the very beginning...

Monday, December 20th, 2005

My friend Kaiya arrives from Chicago at New York City. We decided to embark on the advanture precisely at the same time! (That and the fact that neither of us wanted to wait for the other at the airport, or worse... out there in Costa Rica somewhere...) A bit of background information on Kaiya, since we'll all be getting pretty tight right about now...

Kaiya and I met in high-school, I think due to mutual admiration of each other's outfits or something. She eats non stop all the time, but is THIN! (Hot and Sour soup is her absolute favorite). She is very talented in the arts and music. Some or our past escapades include trips to: California, Key West, Sardegna and countless gallivanting in NYC and Chicago.

Knowing these few brief facts, it should not surprise you that at precisely 1.45pm, as I dialed her number, wondering where the heck was she since the plane landed at 12.55...
"Where ARE you!?"
"I'm buying Hot and Sour soup around the corner" said Kaiya's calm and collected voice...
"WHAT!? You're already HERE! And you did not call me upon "touch down" as I instructed you to!?!" I hissed into the phone obviously jetlegged and over caffeinated (remember the day before I came from the Spain trip).
"Oh, well pick me up a small one.." I added remembering that I haven't had lunch yet.

After a whole bunch of hugs and exclamations we headed to Barns and Noble to make some last minute purchases for our trip... such as some books, Vogue.... oh and a ROAD MAP! (yes that would indeed be helpful.)

Later, standing on a corner trying to catch a cab, in complete darkness enduring FREEZING wind, we exchanged looks and I said:

"Kaiya, this NASTY weather just SUCKS major ass, why don't we just freakin' go somewhere HOT!? Whatever, lets just go to Costa Rica!!!"

"Good idea!!!" said Kaiya

How many times people say things like that in the desperate moments as freezing cold creeps through to the bone, but it felt great to say it knowing that the next day it would be precisely what we will do!

We're going to Costa Rica!!!!

to be continued...


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