Two Vin Diesels please...

>> Friday, January 27, 2006

Its true, we've been holding our breath a little bit here at Sempre Primavera. There is a reason why I haven't really talked much about what's happening here in NY. Well its because I've been kinda waiting out to see how "things will turn". (Yes, I know its illegal in blog world...)

Our Nicholas has not been making any headlines for a while. We're writing long emails and I guess I'm getting impatient with the fact that he is far and even more with the fact that I think I like him... See, Ale doesn't like to hold her breath...

Back in the real world, yesterday, it arrived. An extra long envelope. It was gold. It had three different cards in it, and another little envelope inside. A wedding invitation!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I didn't want to touch it. I didn't want to open it. Than I did. And yes, it was bad. Basically I have till February 18th to secure a date to the "first" wedding of 4 mandatory ones I have to go to this year.

But the evening was not over yet. I called my grandma to see how she was feeling after her eye surgery. Poor grams had to go to a hospital for some eye surgery. Grandpa answered the phone and I clearly heard some laughter in the background. (Grandma's laughter) Of course when she picked up the phone she assumed a very weak tone of voice...

Somehow ten minutes later she was telling me about this new boy she wants to send me on a blind date with...

Grandma: "He is a very nice guy"
Ale: "Nice guy? Are you saying he is fat???"
Grandma: "No, but there is something strange about his hair... he has a buzz cut"
Ale: "so he is BALD??"
*Yes, Ale is superficial and shallow, but in all honestly I always said I like guys with substantial leg, and I LOVE buzzed heads (makes me think of my male role model Vin! Yes, Diesel. Though somehow, I don't think in Grandma's case it would be a Vin Diesel type to pop out of the cupboard).

Anyway, since I wasn't buying her guilt trip this time, it was clearly about the stupid golden envelope... gleaming in the dusk... imposing deadlines over my head. Or was it that she mentioned that he had a twin brother... I'm so not even joking... think about it... TWO Vin Diesels!


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