iberia SUCKS!

>> Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm so pissed! Unbelievable.

Well, I officially can't stand IBERIA Airlines! ALL OF MY FLIGHTS WERE DELAYED!!! AND on my flight back they made me check my little carry on suitcase only to NOT PUT IT ON THE SAME FLIGHT AS ME!!!!! Besides the regular joys such as delays and misdirected luggage, their attitudes were unbelievable! They seemed to be under the impression that they were doing us a favor. "Oh you'd like some water... well... ok....I suppose... there you go."

Iberia SUCKS, there's no reason for their delays when the gates around you are pumping out flights left and right! Iberia has delays because all her workers stand around catching flies in their mouth!!!! Also, many Spanish people fly Iberia, and I don't know why, but they just love to bring ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS with them when they travel. I know I'm about to get in trouble again with Spaniards, but its true! I've never seen so many OVERSIZED duffel bags and SUITCASES the size of WARDROBES! So of course there's not enough room for luggage on the plane.

Oh, and the food sucks too.

AND they have about 2.5 tv screens for the entire section of the plane and their earphones were cheapy.

Needless to say, I did NOT get to sit next to any hot guys, I didn't even see any hot guys, I did follow Viking's advise and have requested the emergency exit row... which was great for my legs, but not so great for my ears, since families with BABIES also had similar ideas. So besides, hating Iberia, I now hate babies... and their parents... Honestly, WHY would you ever want to subject your baby to flying!? Please, really, what makes it so necessary. Its not like the babies would actially be able to enjoy the places they'll be visiting. Leave them home, and if you have no one to leave them with, then don't travel.

Don't mind me, don't listen, I'm just jetlegging, going to sleep immediately.
One the happier note: My trip was unbelievably AWESOME, got lots of stories and some good pictures... Here is a preview.
- Skinny dipping in the middle of the night
- Cow dung
- Jamon Serrano
- Cafe' umb lait
- Beers, cava, mojitos, beers, cava, mojitos, repeat, repeat and repeat...


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