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>> Friday, December 2, 2005

Ok, so talking about "Shopaholic" behavior...

I totally went shoegasming at lunch! I got 2 pairs of sketchers active wear shoes!!! (don't call them sneakers.)

What cuteness!!! Don't you just want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them!!?!!!

Oh! And the other pair is like this- why stop at just one pair right!? They'll cry... the shoes want
nice friends to play with too! So I got them both. I think I should send Nico boy the pictures. We were just discussing winter jacket purchases the other day. Also, I was explaining to him that the weather in NY is really back and forth right now and that its really messing with my "wardrobe" schedule... He commented that it must be a "woman's" thing, since he doesn't have a problem with scheduling his outfits. ;-) He so wants me!

Lesson kids: (we haven't been learning in a while... so we'll outline a few lessons for today)

1. Too much of a good thing, only leaves you wanting more!
2. Intercontinental relationships CAN truly blossom, with the help of photo exchange. (even of shoe purchases.)

and the most important lesson of today...

3. If you're planning to be "active" in the near future, it is always a good idea to PLAN and PREPARE ahead of time - Make sure you have good active wear!!!

And with these happy thoughts, I wish you all a great weekend! And be safe.


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