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>> Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ok, I have some beef to discuss today...

First of all, my flight is Wednesday evening. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE flying!? Just like Pavlov's doggy would salivate at the sound of a bell, I go nuts at the first sight of an airport!! Everytime I drive by an airport I feel niiiice, you know what I mean? Like, aaaahh. Airports represent a promise that there IS fun out there, even if its an 8 hour plane ride away. (Away from New York that is!) Just knowing that someone is on their way to fun is a good feeling, of course better if that person is YOU!

I do have one complaint about flying. Why don't I EVER get to sit next to a HOT GUY!!?! OK, just once, when I was flying back from visiting a friend in Brazil, I set next to this cute blond brazilian boy. It was so romantic... we listened to music on his CD player each sharing an ear piece (yes it was 7 yrs ago, BF I-Pod era). We both drank tomato juice... But he was 17! (I was 20) And he was really worried about finding car service that would take him all the way to Connecticut where he went to boarding school, before the curfew!!!

The point is that I never get to sit next to hot guys (my age). So I'm hoping you guys can just put your heads together and collectively wish that I'll sit on a totally hot guy next week!!! (ooops, Freudian slip...) I mean, sit NEXT TO a totally hot guy... ON the plane, next week.

Plus, the flying prognosis are absolutely favorable! I made sure to be flying alone. My coworkers are actually on a different flight, hehe, it pays to be friends with your travel agent. ;) There is something so absolutely relaxing about being on a plane, on a transatlantic flight. Just knowing that NO ONE can reach you!!!

Lesson kids: when flying, be sure keep your arms and legs inside the aircraft at all times.


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