Happy Holidays!

>> Monday, December 19, 2005

SP HQ wishes you all to have an EXCELLENT holiday season!!! Have fun, be safe (as always), make new friends, and give hugs to your old friends. I will see you all in the new year!! January 3rd to be exact. Make me proud do good things over the holidays!

When I come back I will go day by day and write out what happened in Costa Rica. After all that's why I have this blog to keep an account of all the fun things that go on.

Big HUGS and Kisses to all and to all a good night!

PS. Yes, they'll be good things comming out of my mouth in regards, to Catalonia.
PSS. Nicholas and I exchanged phone numbers so who knows maybe they'll be some SMS lovin' going on for me this holiday season.
PSSS. STILL don't have my suitcase from stupid iberia!!!!!!!!!!!! So i have to go to Costa Rica with a bunch of plastic bags!

Good night


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