How to make a man fall in love. (So EASY!)

>> Friday, June 16, 2006

We here at Sempre Primavera headquarters work round the clock to research important and illusive issues. And once again, we are pleased to announce that we have arrived at yet another breakthrough!!!

Yes, today... we have arrived at some very VERY special info! After extensive watching of 70s movies with French babes such as BB; paying attention to what Marcellos, Alains and other sexy Euro-men told their hysterical co-stars as they inevitably left them standing in the rain with mascara runs...; after surveying tons of Italian guys in the hills of Tuscany...and amalfi...and lazio...and sardegna..... oh just stop me!....; and after reading a number of classics such as Anna Karenina and not so much classics (YET!) like Bergdorf Blondes.... and last but not least, we listened between the lines as Shakira sang about shaking hips... we have FINALLY figured out WHAT MAKES MEN FALL IN LOVE!

What IS IT THAT drives a man totally wild? As much as men like to insist that all they really want or need from a relationship is great "ice cream" in bed, what REALLY hooks them real deep (and of course we are in the big leagues here) is something else... Precisely that "something else" is very hard to define... but fear not! SPHQ is here to break it all down for you!.... in a simple.... 35 points...?!?... I know the list may look a bit too long, but I promise you after you're done reading it, you'll know exactly what needs to be done!

Men want/need/desire a woman... (in no particular order)

- who will kiss them and the next moment diss them
- who is JUST like their mother but is NOTHING like her
- wise like their grandma and annoying as their little sister
- who treats them like a KING and a bit like a stable boy
- who obeys them like they're God and gets seduced by them like they're Devil
- who is very beautiful yet insecure
- who is a strong independent woman yet needs them like there's no tomorrow
- who behaves like a Goddess and right after like she is Godless
- who is high maintenance yet down to earth and relaxed
- who looks sweet in a pastel dress and just as well with some whips and chains
- who is the embodiment of politeness and the biggest smart ass
- who tonight has a big round butt but come tomorrow morning it fits into jeans of size 1
- who is always agreeable yet knows how to throw a perfect tantrum
- who knows when to smile and when to fake a cry
- who shy and demure, yet aggressive at the same time

....shall I continue..?

- who is very smart but asks them for advice
- who can cook dinner better than a 5 star
- who can demand and say thank you very much
- who speaks softly and laughs really loud

uffff... i'm getting tired writting all this... and a bit dilusional... BOY I'm feeling a major personality disorder coming on.. OH I forgot the most important one!

of course:
- a woman who is always simply herself! (PROVIDED she is doing all of the above.)

Yeah... well.. I promised you that you will know exactly what to do after reading this... and people the real lesson here is that: SOMETIMES its - better - to - just - not - know!

remember!!! sometimes its better to just NOT know...!

good night- peace out cub scout!


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