I want to do Kaka... badly!

>> Friday, June 9, 2006

World Cup has started! So? Who are we cheering for?? I have not decided yet. I always cheer for Brazil because my Brazilian friends introduced me properly to the whole craze... And in 2002 I remember the lovely time cheering Brazil with my Brazilian landlord and all their family and friends. Brazilian are definitely crazy about their soccer, really, it feels like they would actually die for it.

Yet, I think its boring if one team is always the favorite and always wins, yet its pointless to cheer the clear looser as there is no way they could take to top spot. Nico obviously is cheering Germany and when there I will be cheering them as well, but I still want to pick my own team.

Brazilians are just so adorable though... Like how CUTE is Kaka!?? haha and with a name like that too...! (yes Kaka is a player and you though I was just being gross in the title..)

uffff Decisions Decisions....


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