>> Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Time to start freaking out. YEY!!!! My trip is nearing!!!

This Saturday will be a much needed visitation of the vulgar russian beauty salon to get my fix of world news, new ways of forming sentenses using only profanities... cappuccinos and little french chocolates!! (An decadently vulgar russian restaurant "caters" their saturdays). Its like french country side trashy-chic. I love it, makes me feel so relaxed and envigorated!

Plus my hair has gotten way to long. I'm going to tell Nico that I'm shaving my head, and see what he'll have to say. (heeehehe, yeah, I know... I'm 5!)

Another curiosity... after all that carb eating in california... I actually lost 5lbs. Hmmmm... must have been those hills in San Fran...


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