>> Tuesday, August 1, 2006

What a totally fabulous weekend with my darling friends!!! Of course the wedding was gorgeous!!! There were fantasy castles, princess like bride and groom who graced us with a song... and even though it was a heat wave in the Windy City we the guests, graced them with a dance. There were swans, peacocks, and gargoyles and naked nympth statues. And the food..... let me just say... watermellon peacock and chocolate covered strawberry pyramids fit for the pharaoh himself. Waaaahhhhw! Loved it...!!! Yes as Cadiz says, I will have pictures, but tomorrow, because today I'm majorly jet lagged.

*Funny how I'm only jet legged upon returning home to NY from a good time! Its only ONE hour time difference, but somehow I guarantee I'll be jet lagged till net weekend. :)

Visit the maid of honor Cadiz for her version of the festivities. Pictures manana!


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